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Picture this. You wake up, fully refreshed after a good sleep. You’re ready to embrace the day; fizzing with energy and mentally sharp…sound like a pipe dream to you?

Daydreamer blinds are versatile too. Not only are they suitable for bedrooms, but they work wonderfully well in caravans, motorhomes and on boats too, so you can always feel confident there’s a good night’s sleep ahead of you!

Whether you’re a shift worker, the parent of a wakeful baby, a light sleeper or are struggling with an ongoing sleep issue, Daydreamer blinds are here to help you get the sleep you need.

If so, then it could be you’re a member of the ‘one in three club’! In other words, the one in three of us who suffer with sleep problems.

One of the key factors involved in sleep interruption is light exposure. Darkness is essential to achieve that deep, restorative slumber that plays such a vital role in maintaining our health and well-being. When your brain is exposed to light at the wrong times, it re-wires your natural body clock and either prevents you from falling asleep or wakes you up in the middle of the night.

At Daydreamer blinds we believe we have created a solution to that problem. Our lightweight blinds block out 100% of the light, no matter what time of day it is. Thanks to our premium quality PU coated material and unique instant fixing systems, you can put up our blinds and block out the light in seconds. No temperamental suction cups and no unpalatable licking and sticking means that our blinds are the ultimate in convenience at home or on the move.

Daydreamer blinds have developed two different options to suit your lifestyle needs.

  1. The Original Twin Pack / Stars Edition Blackout Blind’s, which requires you to do nothing more than simply affix the easy-to-use Velcro® Brand Fastener tab system to your window. Its dual PU panel configuration allows you the flexibility to select a shorter or longer length and the handy roll-up option means you can choose to have them open or closed.
  2. The Cut to Size Blackout Blind,which can be cut with scissors to fit any window without ever fraying. Using the best Velcro Brand Fasteners, means these blinds can be fixed to most window surrounds. They are perfect for baby / infant nursery’s, shift workers and anyone else who want’s the assurance of sleeping in total darkness.

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